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Our Ingredients

We are absolutely fastidious about the ingredients that we use. Our entire line is Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Effective. Our ingredients are sourced locally, whenever possible from local farmers, many of whom we are happy to call our friends.

For clarity, here is a brief description of where each group of ingredients is sourced and processed.

Oils are the base of most of our products so it is extraordinarily important that we use the best oils available. We use certified organic, virgin, cold pressed, and unrefined oils because they have the highest amount of nutrients and restorative properties possible. Our oils are from the first-pressings. This means that they are not refined, bleached or deodorized because that processing dramatically diminishes the anti-oxidant properties. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is thick, pulpy, and smells deliciously of coconut. Our Organic Avocado Oil is such a beautiful deep, rich green that is filled with so much goodness that it's hard for us to believe that other skin care companies would ever opt for anything else. These ingredients are better for your skin and are free of trace chemicals because they are undiluted and minimally processed.

Plant Extracts

We make every single one of our plant extracts. We believe in creating products that are layered with active ingredients and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through extracts. We use selected organic botanicals (many of which are biodynamically produced), organic glycerin and organic vegetable oils for our extracts because commercially produced extracts are made with alcohol and with preservatives that would end up on your skin, which is never a good idea. The difference in quality and effectiveness between our extracts and commercially-available ingredients is stunning. Our extraction process is slow. It generally takes 4-8 weeks for the extraction process to be complete. Patience is most definitely a virtue.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are considered the life-force of plants. It has always been vitally important to us that we use (aroma)therapeutic-grade essential oils because lower-grade oils are often adulterated with cheap fillers and with chemicals used in the extraction process. We use Certiified Organic Essential Oils whenever possible and wild-crafted as a second-choice. Our products are completely free of fragrances and perfumes, which means that the active life-force of plants is part of what makes our entire line so effective for your skin. Essential oils are potent, deliciously fragrant, and when blended properly, achieve amazing results.

Preservatives, or the lack thereof
As we mentioned above, oils are the base of many of our products. Our products are not diluted or watered-down, which means that by using oils intelligently, we can avoid using chemical preservatives as well as emulsifiers. We use organic guar gum as a thickener in our body washes. It's a natural thickener that helps us get the proper thickness for the body washes. We use Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E in any other product that requires a preservative. 

We adore hydrosols. Hydrosols are plant/flower waters that contain the active essences of those plants. Our toner is made from a blend of fresh hydrosols, rather than witchhazel, vinegar, or alcohol. Hydrosols are an effective deilvery system for our potent plant-based ingredients.