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6 Fail-Safe Tips for Getting the Most From Your Candles

Posted by Clara on


Here at Cultivar, we take great care into making exceptional candles. We are fastidious in our attention to detail, which we know you all appreciate. (Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback and reviews!)

We can talk about what makes our candles so special for days and days, but in short, here's a list of some of details that make our candles unique:

  • We use biodegradable and renewable soy wax. This means that our candles are not only vegan, but since they come from soy, our candles are free of paraffin (which comes from petroleum).
  • We use organic essential oils for our captivating aromatherapeutic scent blends. We never use fragrance or perfume. Because our scents come from 100% natural sources, our candles smell true to their names and they don't pollute the air you breathe.
  • Our candles have an exceptional "scent-throw". "Scent-throw" refers to how well a candle's scent fills up the space when the candle is burned.

Most people think that all you need to do with a candle is light it. Admittedly, this is an important step, but it's not the only thing necessary to get the longest life out of your candle. These tips apply to most candles, not just candles from Cultivar.

Here is a list of the 6 most effective tips for getting the most from your candle:


When you light your candle for the first time, it is very important to allow approximately one hour of burn time per inch of surface diameter, or until your candle has a complete melt pool, before extinguishing it. (A melt pool is when your candle melts from edge to edge of the container.) This will keep your candle from tunneling down the middle.


Keeping wicks trimmed to the proper length can keep most potential candle-burning problems from occurring. All candle wicks can “mushroom” at the top, causing excessive flickering and/or smoke. You'll know "mushrooming" when you see it: the tip of the wick is curled over slightly and will be rounded like a tiny mushroom). 

Keeping your wicks trimmed keeps mushrooming to a minimum and also makes you your candle safer. Trimming also prevents your wick from curling back into the wax.Use a sharp wick trimmer, scissors or nail clippers (yep, nail clippers) to trim the wick to the proper length before lighting the candle. Using a dull tool will split the threads causing the wick to 'mushroom' excessively.

We recommend trimming wicks for our candles to approximately 5/8" before lighting. By keeping your wick trimmed, it will prolong your candle life.


If you trim your wick to short or the wick has broken off at the base of your candle, your flame may be weak or may drown itself in a small pool of sadness.

Don’t worry, you can fix it! Extinguish the flame and pour off some of the excess liquid wax into a safe container then relight the candle. Continue doing this periodically until the candle achieves the proper melt pool (see above). 

Your flame will come back to life and you will be able to continue to enjoy your candle fully. 

A sign that your candle's wick is too short is when it "tunnels", which is when the melt pool never reaches the edge of the container.


If the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly the candle is more than likely burning in a draft or it is time to trim the wick to the proper length. If you do not keep the wick trimmed and out of drafty areas, your candle will soot. Be sure to extinguish the candle before trimming or moving.

Another negative effect of having flames that are too high is that the extra heat generated from the larger flame will burn through the candle faster than it should. A flame that burns too high is cutting down the life-span of the candle.


You can avoid virtually all of the soot by keeping your wick trimmed to the proper length. Soy candles burn incredibly cleanly, but they can still create soot if they aren't burned properly.


When you are ready to extinguish your candle, we recommend using a wick dipper rather than simply blowing it out. Simply blowing the flame out will create a lot of smoke and will likely ruin the lovely aromatherapeutic scent you were enjoying. 

Candles should also be kept free of debris like wick trimmings or matches. 

So, now that you've armed yourself with all of this knowledge, light up! And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about caring for your Cultivar candles

Be Well-


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