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Environmental Commitments

skinnyskinny is devoted to minimize all harm to our planet by being a sustainable and environmentally conscious company

We believe that the true measure of a company’s bottom line should always take into account the environment impact of that company. Every single company has the choice of either making the world better and operating in as sustainable a manner as possible, or of choosing to operate with shortsighted goals in mind. Here at skinnyskinny, we have always made the commitment to make every effort to ensure that our impact on the world is a positive one. This is why we work so hard to minimize our carbon-footprint. It's why we use certified organic ingredients. And it is why we use so many eco-friendly materials in our packaging.

We aren’t perfect, but we try to be better every single day.

Our environmental commitments include:

· We use recycled/recyclable containers for all of our packaging. The labels on 95% of our products are biodegradable. The remaining 5% is 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Paper that has been printed with non-toxic Vegetable Inks.

· We purchase 100% Wind-Power for all of our electricity.

· We purchase additional carbon credits to cover shipping and transportation.

· We use Certified Organic Ingredients, which are good for customers, for the environment and for all of the people who work to grow and harvest the crops.

· Every single product that we make is biodegradable and non-toxic.

· Every product that we make is Cruelty-Free & Vegan.

Thank you for choosing to support companies that care about corporate responsibility.